Mornington Peninsula Genuine Cider, Australian Cider
Mornington Peninsula Genuine Cider, Australian Cider

Mr Little Genuine Cider
About Mr. Little Cider

At Mr Little we select only fresh eating  quality apples, crush them to extract their precious juice, filter and then ferment the juice.Later we press more fresh tree ripened apples and then carefully blend them to the fermented apple juice to add fresh apple aromas, flavours & some sweetness.
We then bottle the blend and try a few, and then try a few more, and if it is good enough for our lofty standards we will then, and only then put our name on it!

The Background of Mr. Little

Mr Little 'Genuine' Cider was born from the simple desire to drink really good cider made really good fresh apples that are in abundance in our local area.
Matt Little a.k.a. Mr. Little has a extensive background in wine and restaurants and  is a long standing Sommelier working both in Australia and Europe and from his love of great quality wines, artisinal beers and ciders came the passion to create a real cider that he wanted to drink, not the commercially available alcopop. He started Blue Tongue Wine Bar in Elwood, Winelarder in Brighton and currently owns the beautiful Tuck's Ridge Cafe.
Using his vast experience and the tenets of good wine making, such as using high quality local fresh fruit, good handling, minimal interference and minimal processing he was able to create a 'genuine' cider made the way he wanted to drink it: pure, refreshing and delicious!
He refers to 'genuine' as unlike all the big producers of 'cider' there are no cordail like concentrates, flavours or colourings,just 100% fresh Australian fruit: fermented, blended & bottled.

Please let us know your thoughts, we would love to hear from you.
Cheers !
Matt Little

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